Just for the record, current versions of Typo (either 2.5.6 or the current Subversion trunk) don’t work with Ruby 1.8.3. There are two problems–the Logger bug that keeps Rails 0.13.1 from working with Ruby 1.8.3 (this is easy to fix), and a second bug that I haven’t read about anywhere else–apparently YAML serialization is broken with Ruby 1.8.3 and Rails 0.13.1. This keeps Typo’s sidebar from working properly.

I’m going to see what it’ll take to get the Typo trunk working with Rails 1.0 (rc1 or rc2, if it’s out today), and then see if it works properly with Ruby 1.8.3. Once that’s done, the trunk will probably shift from 0.13.1-only to 1.0-only.

Update: That was quick. ChrisNolan on IRC pointed out that Rails bug #2304 contains a patch to fix this. The patch is already a part of the current Rails trunk, but you’ll need to patch 0.13.1 manually if you want to use it with Ruby 1.8.3.