I just uploaded version 0.2.0 of my Rails Schema Generator to Rubyforge. This is a minor update, but it was needed to make the schema generator work with Rails 1.0rc2 (AKA 0.14.1).

The schema generator is sort of the flip side of the new schema code in Rails 1.0. It takes a set of Rails migrations, aggregates them all together, and spits out a SQL file that describes the DB that you’d get if you ran all of the migrations. Or, viewed in a more useful light, it gives you a SQL file that you can use to create a new DB from scratch. The current version actually produces three different schema files, one for PostgreSQL, one for MySQL, and one for SQLite, each with DB-appropriate syntax and types.

This is an outgrowth of Typo; we’re up to 25 migrations now, and we actively support 3 different DBs. It was getting really painful to maintain 3 distinct schema files in addition to the collection of migrations, so I wrote this schema generator. Now we’re back to DRY-land–we create new migrations and let the schema generator do all of the hard work.