I’m spending the day at the Seattle Mind Camp. The network has been a bit flaky for most of the day, but I think it’s finally under control, so I’m taking the chance to upload a couple dozen shots to Flickr.

I’m kind of overwhelmed with content right now, and I’m not sure that I’ve been making the right choices when it comes to which sessions to attend, but I’m enjoying myself one way or another. On the cool hardware front, I finally had a chance to try out a head-mounted display from Microvision. Cool, but the model that I tried was a bit old and hard to read. I think I would have had a nasty headache if I’d used it for more then 5 minutes, but the owner said that he’d felt the same way at first and was able to use it for 5 hours without ill effect. I also got to drive the Titan Robotics Club’s robot a bit. I’m still waiting to use the Segway.

Later tonight, I’m going to run a “what do you wish that you could do with your blog that you can’t right now” session. If you’re here and you’re able to get enough connectivity to read this, then please stop by at 11:00 tonight. I’d love to find new ideas to snarf into Typo, although I’m really more interested in getting a better grip on how people use blogs and where we’re heading. I’ve talked with several people who are interested in discussing various aspects of Typo and directed one towards the Typo Theme Contest.