Typo 2.6.0 is out. Tobi suggested that we bump the version number from 2.5.9 to 2.6.0; I probably should have done this for 2.5.7, but better late then never.

This is largely a bug-fix release–it fixes one brown-paper-bag bug in (renderfix.rb was in the wrong directory), as well as adding a couple additional cleanups and 0.14.x compatibility fixes.

There are two fixes in here that theme contest users need to pay attention to. First, as part of the live search fix for 0.14.x, I moved the observer for the search field from the layout (default.rhtml) into the search partial (_search.rhtml). This matches the current trunk, so it’ll make themes more portable, but if your theme’s default.rhtml still has the search observer in it, then weird and wonderful things will happen when users try to search. So either nuke the observer in default.rhtml or override _search.rhtml to make it match. I also back-ported a second change from the trunk–each sidebar item is now wrapped in <div class="sidebar-node">. I’d be amazed if this managed to break anyone’s CSS, but theme builders might wish to use it to style the sidebar.

At this point, I have no plans for any further releases between now and November 28th, the last day of the theme contest. If any major bugs pop up, I’ll put out a new release to fix them, but I’m not planning on adding any additional features to 2.6.x, or releasing the trunk (as Typo 4.0–it’s a long story) before the end of the theme contest. Good luck.