I just committed a minor new feature for Typo–there is now a route-of-last-resort that can generate HTTP redirects out of a database table. This is something that people have asked for for months, because it’s of the easier ways to keep old URLs working when moving to Typo.

At the moment, none of the converters know anything about it, so if you want to use it, then you’re going to have to do a bit of coding. I suspect that we’ll see patches within a few days that will help people make the jump. The basic code for adding a redirect is pretty simple:

    :from_path => 'archives/000001.html', 
    :to => '/articles/2005/11/17/first-post')

This would be a bit cleaner if from wasn’t a reserved word in SQL. The from_path bit should be relative to Typo’s root, and shouldn’t start with a slash.

Unfortunately, none of Typo’s URL helpers are available inside of converters, but it shouldn’t be too hard to code this up. Send me mail if you need help.