My stint with Google in California is finally complete, and I’m working my way back home. Of course, I’m not exactly doing it in the most direct manner possible–instead of flying back, we’re doing the Big Family Road Trip.

Sophia and Gabe at San Juan Capistrano
[105290749 Sophia and Gabe at San Juan Capistrano]

My wife’s sister lives in San Diego, so my wife and kids drove down last week to see her. They stopped for the night in Mountain View, and then we all drove down to San Diego together for the long weekend. We took the kids to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and then I drove back to Mountain View for my last week. It’s a fun drive, all 470 miles worth, through LA’s rush hour. It took me 9:45 to get home.

Then, after a few days’ work, I took Friday off this week and drove down to San Diego for a couple days on the beach with everyone. We took the kids to see Capistrano, and then took off yesterday morning for home. We stopped in Sacramento last night; according to Google, we have around 760 miles to go.