I just released Typo 4.0.2. This is mostly a security upgrade; it’s designed to work with Rails 1.1.6, but it also includes workarounds for all of the known Rails 1.1.x security bugs, thanks to Piers Cawley.

In addition, we’ve fixed several bugs in the installer. MySQL users should be able to upgrade from 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 without problems now, fixing a problem with the 4.0.1 upgrader.

Upgrade directions:

Repeat however you installed Typo in the first place. If you downloaded the .tgz or .zip files, then you’ll need to download them again and install them over the top of your existing install. Then run rake migrate and restart your Typo processes.

If you’re using the .gem installer, just run gem install typo and then typo install /some/path to upgrade.