After 15 days on the road, I’m finally back home. We drove down to San Diego for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and then drove back slowly, spending a couple days in Sequoia National Park along the way. I really enjoyed the park; after spending a week split between LA and San Diego, it was nice to get away from the crowds. Not that the park was completely empty–we saw 3 of these guys:

Bear 2

From a photographic standpoint, the trip was a success. I’m not going to claim that I produced any great art, but I enjoyed myself and gave my new 5D and 100-400 a workout. I feel like a photographer again, after months of almost no photography at all. I probably went a bit overboard this time–according to Lightroom, I shot almost 4,100 frames. Most of those were kids-at-Disneyland snapshots or wedding pictures, but there were a few that stood out for me:

San Diego Zoo

In the landscaping at the San Diego Marriott

Sequoia National Park

San Diego Zoo

Strangely, most of my favorite shots were birds; I’m not quite sure how that happened. I’ve never been big on birds before. I’ll post more details once I’ve finished unpacking, and once my last few pictures have finished uploading to Flickr.