The Verizon FiOS installers have been circling the neighborhood lately, tearing up sidewalks, digging holes in lawns, and (finally) pulling fiber down the telephone poles in the direction of the nearest CO. According to their call center, they’ll probably be able to upgrade me from 3768 DSL to 1515 fiber sometime around the middle of next month. I’ve been waiting for years for them to finally make it to my place, so I’ll probably have to have a party or something :-).

Just for the fun of it, I was reading Verizon’s business FiOS system requirements page. Here’s a snippet:

SpeedRecommended CPU speedRecommended FSB speedRecommended free disk space
5/2 Mbps600 MHz100 MHz128 MB
5/5 Mbps733 MHz133 MHz200 MB
50/10 Mbps2 GHz330 MHz500 MB

So, not only do I need a faster CPU to enjoy a faster connection, I also need additional free disk space? Huh. Who knew?