Another week, another chunk of source code. This week, I’ve uploaded Camsync to Github. It uses last week’s Garmin Virb Library to talk to a Garmin Virb camera over WiFi and sync photo and video files.

I have a Virb Ultra 30 connected to my CNC in my garage, and a Virb 360 on my bike. The goal with Camsync is that I can just leave it running on my desktop and it’ll sync files as they’re available. Since the Virb on the CNC is hard-wired into power, it’s almost always available, so it’ll start copying soon after I record new video. The Virb on my bike comes and goes (as does the bike), but all I need to do is make sure that I leave it turned on while charging, and 360 degree video will trickle out of the camera without any intervention on my part.

There’s still a bit of work remaining; right now, Camsync won’t delete old content, which means that manual cleanup is required from time to time. I’m planning on adding code to delete the oldest videos after downloading to keep total usage under (say) 50%. That should be fairly safe.