I just commited a big patch to the Typo trunk. This is the first part of my big Typo 4.1 cleanup project. It includes a whole bunch of cleanups, including:

  • URLs are now generated via blog.url_for using blog.canonical_server_url. This lets us generate URLs directly from models without needing a controller or a request.
  • Removal of all of the text filter controller mess.
  • Moved text filters out of components/ and into vendor/plugins
  • Massive helper cleanup, deprecating dozens of redundant helpers and model methods.
  • Generic deprecation code to make it easier to flag methods as obsolete.
  • Memory profiler.
  • body_html/extended_html content fields moved into fragment cache .
  • Total audit of all url_for calls to fix weird stuff.

This is probably a bit unstable, so don’t use it on a production blog until it’s had a chance to settle out.