Work needed a headshot of my boss for something, so I dragged my camera (and assorted accessories) to the office today. Of course, I forgot that it was Veterans' Day, so my parking garage is closed, which really just means that I needed my access card to get in and there were no valets, but I had to lug my big camera/laptop bag (LowePro Stealth Reporter 650 AW, nice bag, but it gets heavy), a light stand, umbrella, and a couple foamcore sheets down the dark stairs in the garage and then a couple blocks uphill to the office. At least the lower entrance to the building wasn't locked; it usually is on "major" holidays.

All things considered, the photos could have went better--we were in a hurry, and it's a pain to get consistent lighting with multiple 550EXes with the D60. It may actually be impossible to get consistent lighting with the D60 and Canon's E-TTL, but Canon's wireless multi-flash feature doesn't work in manual mode. In the end, I had around 20 shots with 2-3 keepers, but nothing spectacular. This is my favorite of the set; it could use a bit more photoshop work to get rid of reflections in the window, and if I was really serious about it I'd probably re-shoot with less contrast, but it gets the idea across.