I've now been using SpamProbe for over a month to filter my spam at home, and it's been working perfectly. It's blocking an average of 210 messages per day, although it's climbing; November 18-28 only had 2 days below 210, and averaged closer to 250. The last weekend was quite a bit lower, mostly due to server problems, but I'm currently at 433 spam messages today and counting.

Of those 210 messages each day, I'm probably seeing 1-2 false negatives. I haven't seen any real false positives, although I've pulled a couple bounce messages out of my spam folder, just to keep from poisoning the spam database.

Interestingly enough, spamprobe is also eating all of the current Windows email virus messages. So, not only is it a spam filter, it does viruses too :-).

All in all, I'm a very happy camper. My personal spam count has been rolled back to 1998 levels. In essence, spam is now a complete non-issue for me.