I spent a few more hours hacking away at my Asterisk configuration, and it’s now essentially complete.

These are done: * When the POTS line is busy, incoming calls should be forwarded to the 800 number. * When the POTS line is busy, outgoing calls should go out via NuFone. * Incoming calls that go to voicemail should have the option to leave messages specifically for various members of the household. * There should also be a way to check messages over the phone from outside. * Asterisk can tell when it answers a fax call; faxes from outside should be shunted to its fax-handling code. * Asterisk’s fax code needs to email faxes when it receives them. * International calling currently goes out via POTS, when NuFone is less then half the cost. * RSS for voicemail and call log. * vCard to Asterix caller-ID database mapping.

Here’s what’s left on the wishlist: * Tune WonderShaper to give VoIP packets priority on my DSL line. * Print-to-fax.

I’ll post config snippets and scripts as time permits, so others can duplicate what I have without spending an entire weekend at it.