It looks like we’ve survived the weekend. Saturday’s pictures went okay; I haven’t had time to finish sorting them yet, but there are 170 “okay” pictures. I’ll probably take a second pass through those in a few minutes and pull out 30 or so good ones for printing.

Gabe’s birthday party left us exhausted, but it’s over, and he and his 19 closest friends had a good time. I think he now has a bigger dinosaur collection then any museum on the west coast, and the scary thing is that he recognizes and can name all of them. We gave him one on Friday, and it was labeled “Corythosaurus.” Gabe took one look at it and insisted that it was a Lambeosaurus. I started to correct him when my wife pointed to the label where it said that the Corythosaurus is in the Lambeosaurinae family. It’s not quite the same as a Lambeosaurus, but it’s frighteningly good for a 4-year-old. (If you don’t know what any of this is, you clearly don’t have a dino-obsessed 4-year-old in the family).

Other then that, I spent most of my free time sorting and organizing pictures. My photo gallery has a ton of new pictures. They’re nearly all family snapshots, so don’t go looking for great art, but last year’s Christmas-card pictures are finally up, and the kids look cute. More importantly, there are now two additional DVDs worth of photos in my backup pile, and over 5GB of free disk space on my laptop.

Finally, I spent a bit more time working on I have a set of scripts that’ll update the HTML project pages automatically whenever anything is checked in via Subversion, so all of the HTML pages stay up to date. I’m trying to add a CSS list-driven menu to all of the pages, but the CSS is killing me; for some reason, I can’t get everything to highlight right in Safari, or at all in Firefox. Oh, well. Once that’s done, I’ll retrofit it into everything that shares my blog’s CSS file. After that, I’ll probably re-do the CSS and change the color scheme to something more suitable to photography; the yellowish background throws color perception out of whack, and the Movable Type template that I’ve been using is starting to bug me; I’m sure I can do better now, so I’ll probably scrap the CSS and start over from scratch, aiming for a site-wide style instead of a MT-centric style stretched to cover other stuff. I might even be convinced to drop MT, if I could find anything that would work better for me.