I finally made it down to Salumi for lunch today. I’ve been meaning to drop by for most of the past year, ever since I saw it plugged it on Food TV.

Salumi is an interesting little shop–it’s small and crowded, and even at 11:30 there was a 15 minute wait to get food. There are only a couple tables, so you’re best off getting things to go. The salami looked very authentic–nothing in the entire place looked packaged, processed (cured–yes. processed–no), or refined. There wasn’t even a hint of marketing or franchising. They crawled through sandwich orders; the programmer in me kept looking for ways to speed up the line and eliminate redundancy, but that doesn’t quite seem to be the goal here. Everything I saw looked delicious, and in the end, the experience of waiting in line just made me want to order more food.

I had the lamb sausage sandwich, which was good, but fairly subtle, and not exactly what I was looking for today, but I’m a sucker for lamb. I also grabbed some gnocchi, raw sausage, and salami for dinner tonight. I have high expectations.