Groklaw has a preliminary report saying that the judge dismissed SCO’s suit against DaimlerChrysler.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, because the case was a complete mess. SCO was basically suing DaimlerChrysler because DCC hasn’t responded to an audit request that SCO sent. Of course, SCO sent it to the wrong address, to a company with the wrong name. After waiting a few weeks for a response, SCO sued. After the suit was filed, DCC responded, saying something to the effect of “we have no idea who you are, we have no contract with you. You claim to be the successor-in-interest to a contract that we had with AT&T years ago, but we weren’t notified when it changed hands, as required in the contract. It doesn’t matter anyways, we haven’t used the software in question in years. Want it back?”

That wasn’t good enough for SCO, but it looks like it was enough for the judge.