As mentioned earlier, I spent part of the long weekend cleaning up home theater stuff. Part of this involved migrating files onto my home file server, which is an old Athlon 700 with an 8-channel 3ware RAID card and 4 160 GB drives in a 450 GB RAID 5 array.

So what happens as soon as I finish copying stuff onto the array? A drive starts failing on the RAID array, and I discover that it was already running in degraded mode. Now I’m in danger of losing all 200 GB on the array. Most likely, it won’t come to that, but it’s still fantastically irritating. Of the 4 160 GB drives that I bought last year, 2 of them have now failed.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, I just ordered 2 more 160 GB drives from NewEgg (only $76 each), along with a 3-in-2 style drive cooler. Assuming that it all arrives tomorrow, I should be able to rebuild the array, including a spare drive this time, and hopefully I won’t have to worry about it failing again.