I’ve been promising to upgrade this blog to something more modern and interesting for over a year, and still haven’t done anything about it. I looked at Drupal for a while, but it just isn’t what I’m looking for.

So, for now, I’m going to upgrade from MT 2.6 (using BDB) to MT 3.17 (on Postgres). Then, once I have a bit of time, I’ll probably move to Typo, largely because it’s written in Ruby and looks easy to hack. It’s lacking a few things that I really wish I had (like threaded comments), but the code is so clean and simple that it shouldn’t take long to add them.

I’d jump straight to Typo, except that the MT-to-Typo conversion script requires MT 3.x to work. So I’m going to upgrade MT first, and then later this week play with Typo and see how it goes.

Once I start the MT upgrade, I expect everything here to break for a few hours. I don’t see an easy way around that, though.