My Rails Schema Generator is nearly complete. Here’s a sample run:

$ ./script/generate schema
Found 6 migration classes
Starting migration for AddSidebars
Starting migration for AddCacheTable
Starting migration for AddPages
Starting migration for AddPageTitle
Starting migration for AddTags
Starting migration for AddTextfilters
Adding TextFilters table
Migrations complete.
 Tables found:   6
 Indexes found: 1
 Records found:   8
      exists  db
overwrite db/schema.postgresql.sql? [Ynaq] y
       force  db/schema.postgresql.sql
overwrite db/schema.mysql.sql? [Ynaq] y
       force  db/schema.mysql.sql
overwrite db/schema.sqlite.sql? [Ynaq] y
       force  db/schema.sqlite.sql

The migration classes that I’m using are copied straight from Typo without modification. I’ve left out all of the migrations that add features to “legacy” tables–tables like articles–since there isn’t a table definition that I can use. That’s my next project–adding a 0_initial_schema migration for Typo. Once that’s complete, I have a bit of code cleanup and then I’ll release my schema generator code to the world. Hopefully that’ll be later today.