Typo 3.99.4 is out. Hopefully this will be the final 3.99.x release, and I’ll be able to release 4.0.0 this weekend.

There are a ton of bugfixes in this release, plus a couple new spam-handling features.

First, Typo now includes Akismet support. Akismet is a blog spam filter implemented as a web service. You’ll need to register with them and get an API key before it’ll work. Once its enabled it’ll work alongside the existing spam blacklist system. If a new comment or trackback fails the spam test then it will be saved in a queue for moderation.

There’s a also new ‘Feedback’ tab in the admin interface that shows all recent comments and trackbacks and allows you to publish, unpublish, and delete comments.

I’m really happy with 3.99.4. Give it a spin. You should be able to run gem install typo once Rubyforge finishes replicating it, or you can download the .gem from my server, or you can download a tarball or zip file from RubyForge.