I wasn’t exactly one of the first people in line to buy an iPhone when they first came out, but I did own and use a first-generation iPhone for about a year and a half. It was a great little phone, but 3 things bugged me:

  • It’s slow. Oh, man, so slow. Apps open slowly. Things download slowly.
  • It doesn’t have all that much storage space. 8 GB just isn’t enough. It was always full.
  • The camera sucked.

Earlier this week, I gave in and bought a shiny new iPhone 3GS. So far I’m really happy. It was cheaper than the first-generation iPhone was, and the camera seems better. Plus the reception is slightly better in my new office. And it’s actually kind of zippy, while the old iPhone had felt sluggish since I upgraded it to 2.0 or so.

I’m headed off to New York next week, and I hate dragging a real camera along on business trips, so I’ll see if the 3GS is enough to make me happy on that front.